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We are glad to present our first Manukafashion online collection.

All the pieces are unique or in limited edition, and represent a fusion of different materials and styles.

The colors and the design of African fabrics are our inspiration; we decided to combine them with western fabrics in order to create original products.

The African fabrics we use have a very high turnover. This means that a specific pattern is only available on the market for a limited time. This aspect is at the basis of our production, which always includes unique and non-replicable pieces, contrary to an industrial production.

Once the pieces available on manukafashion.com are sold out, it will be impossible in the short term to order other identical pieces. However a new collection will be online in March 2016.

In the medium run, in addition to the unique Manukafashion collections, we will have some permanent collections realized by small entrepreneurs in Africa who will manufacture fabrics tailor-made for us. After researching the African fabric market in the last years we are now in touch with small companies and individual entrepreneurs. They can guarantee a continuous supply of fabrics for our demand. The pieces realized with these fabrics will be replicable and available on our website for longer periods.