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Manukafashion is grateful for the contribution given by a large number of friends and professionals. Without their precious help, our project could have never become a business.

A big Thank you goes to Daniele Rosa, whose professionalism, curiosity and enthusiasm made possible the realization of the first Manukafashion website. Thanks to him for his courage and strength.

A special thanks goes also to our patient collaborators:

  • Sarah Bussotti, our accountant
  • Massimiliano Pellegrino, our web-designer
  • Angelo Lorusso & Gianluca Varrazzo, our Marketing &Media experts
  • Valentina Guerrera, our Social Media Manager
  • Ulisse Poggioni, our grafic-designer
  • Massimiliano Rocchi, our photographer
  • The Team The Hub Impact Roma
  • Jorgen Malithano who helped with purchasing fabrics in Africa
  • The Team of  PerMicro Roma
  • Betrice Bellini, our “assistent” and fact-totum
  • Karen Ely who helped with the translations
  • And our tailors, Ilda, Emmanuel, Lamin and Faith.

Thanks to ALL our friends for the ideas, suggestions and advice which continuosly give us inputs and insight in order to improve, little by little, “pang’ono pang’ono”.