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About Us

Manukafashion began as a fashion project in Malawi in 2011,during three years of collaboration between Manuela, initiator of the project, and a Malawian tailor, Emmanuel Kansoti M’ndau. Manuela returned to Italy in 2013 and continued the project with twofriends from university: Lisa and Valentina. In 2014 Manukafashion proudly became a cooperative company registered in Rome, where the three partners are now based. The focus of the cooperative is to create new styles for contemporary homeware and garments by mixing African patterns and fabrics; Kitenjes/Chitenjes and tie-dye with modern designs and shapes.

Emmanuel continues to create items in Malawi, where he lives with his family, whilst in Rome, tailors and artisans from migrant communities, identified after a selection process, are adding to Manukafashion’s network of collaborators.

The team is currently focusing on expanding the project more widely in Africa, and within migrant communities based in Rome, whilst maintaining the original, close link with Malawi.  In 2015 the team expanded and two more tailors, Faith and Lamin, respectively from Nigeria and Gambia, joined Manukafashion.

Fabrics used to realize the products come directly from Africa through a constantly growing network; such as the tie-dyes, which are made by a cooperative in Uganda which employs women with disability or HIV/AIDS, giving them the possibility of becoming economically independent.

The flower represented in the logo, emphasizes the two main elements of Manukafashion’s style, simplicity and elegance.