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Manukafashion is a member of Impact Hub- Rome

One of our cooperative’s core values is a commitment to  networking with other companies and institutions with initiatives like ours. We believe that this facilitates a fruitful exchange of skills and enables us  to inspire each other. We are committed to working together with other ventures because we are of the view that the exchange of knowledge will lead to better results in the local context.

Manukafashion is a member of the Impact Hub – Rome, a network of professionals active in over 30 countries which supports ideas and projects of social innovation.

Impact Hub is a space where entrepreneurs and creative professionals can access resources, be inspired by others’ work, share ideas, develop useful relationships, and identify market opportunities. Manukafashion benefits from the services offered by the Hub Business Unit, a project of The Hub Roma, which offers concrete support to start-ups, small businesses and nonprofit organizations.

The Hub has provided Manukafashion with constant support for all business activities and has made it possible for Manukafashion to access a co-working space in Rome in addition to connecting the business with a microfinance institution.