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Manukafasion Final HQ

We make decorative home-wear and accessories  inspired by African colours and fabrics.

We left for a journey, for a work experience and we came back home with a project idea.  This African  journey changed us: we were  inspired by the emotions, eyes and smiles of the people we met.

Today, we are three entrepreneurs who strongly believe in integration, exchange and social inclusion. Manukafashion is a cooperative company which creates textile items inspired by the mix of Italian and African designs.  Our products are a cultural ‘fusion’. We believe that everyone has the right to work and those who  had to leave their home country should have the opportunity to start a new life elsewhere.  We think that development should be achieved through entrepreneurship and we want to avoid a concept of”aid” to  promote employment for professional tailors in Italy and in Africa.

We want to create a network that values the integration of  different styles and cultures.